Why a JEANius?

JML Headshot final 0913Hello, I’m Jean Lesmeister.       I’m hoping you smiled at my whimsical business name, JEANius.

I like working with clients in my home city of Denver, CO because I can work for them both off-site from my office, and on-site at theirs.     Sometimes it’s so important to work together at the client’s office to complete a project, work on an event, or re-organize their office efficiency, to name a few examples.

I am a Virtual Assistant, a Professional Organizer and an Event Coordinator.    When my clients are in Denver, I can   use all these talents to assist their business strength.


“Located at the Intersection of Free Time & Partnership”

I enjoy laughter and humor through the work day and often tell my clients that “we’re gonna gitter dun“.     They chuckle.

I have a long history of coordinating productions and events with an M.F. A. in Theatre, University of CA, San Diego.      I’ve enjoyed other public event coordination experiences – CA Renaissance Faire, large equine events, small horseback riding non-profit for the disabled, and many more.    I have had varying types of clients:    Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Associations, Seminar Instructors, I.T. Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Academic Special Projects, and more.

I love to hike, sing in the car, and knit mittens.
I speak equine, canine and feline.

lots to do